Environmental Management

  • Assess Value of Work Already Done
  • Interpret Assessments & Make Recommendations
  • Identify & Select Remediation Contractors
  • Provide Coordination & Management of Field Work

3rd Party Environmental Management/Coordination Support

The demand on environmental service providers has reached levels never before encountered. With the increasing emphasis on owner due-diligence and environmental liability comes the challenge of identifying personnel within a company that understand enough about the applicable legislation to rely on them to serve as the representative in handling all aspects of an environmental initiative. Environmental compliance is not understood by the majority of business people that own or run companies, consequently, to the dismay of the actual environmental service providers themselves, company representatives move through the process awkwardly while relying solely on the advice and direction offered by the same service providers. The recommendation(s) provided by the environmental service provider can be or at least perceived to be a conflict of interest. This is particularly true when decisions have to be made for the subsequent steps to be taken following an initial environmental assessment; a person outside the field would not necessarily be able to review the result of a formal assessment and then make an informed decision on the next step without the support of an experienced representative.



  1. Assess the value of what has already been done.
  2. Interpret preliminary results and recommendations made by the environmental service provider while offering explanations and advice on the next steps.
  3. Expedite access to the required equipment and people needed to execute planned remediation work.

Where desired, APEX can, as the client's representative get directly involved in the coordination of any remediation work being proposed. The third-party intervention in this instance keeps the process clean while affording protection for the client requiring the service and the environmental service providers themselves.

Corporations and employers need to be aware of the direction being taken by the Courts in relation to convictions and ever increasing fines.

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