APEX has current programs for you to consider or will customize the material and presentation to suit an individual company or organization's requirements.






One-Day High Impact and Fully Integrated
Leadership Program


  • This affordable, intense and highly effective one-day training program provides participants with "Best Practice" knowledge that is required of supervisors/managers. You will impress your stakeholders and clients while meeting and exceeding their requirements and your own, in relation to the provision of skilled and competent personnel.

  • With a strong loss prevention/risk management focus, participants are also provided with key human resource and employment standard tools along with a vivid understanding of where they sit on the "APEX LEADERSHIP SPECTRUM" and what they have to do to become an effective or better leader. Valuable, easy to read course material is provided and all participants that successfully complete the training are issued with an impressive certificate.

  • This one-of-a kind training program developed by Don Toth, a highly accomplished trainer and speaker who is held in high regard as an expert in his field with thirty-five years experience.

  • Take advantage of this opportunity to develop your talent pool by enrolling members of you team today. This is likely to be the best staff development investment you will have ever made.




10 Commandments of Corporate Due-diligence

  • This powerful two-hour, Safety-based Program entitled "10 Commandments of Corporate Due-diligence" is a must know presentation for anyone in a supervisory or management role, and would include senior executive and business owners.

Participants walk away with a vivid understanding of their duty as it relates to this key management imperative. Learn just how significant the liability is in relation to workplace health and safety and what you can do to avoid being criminally prosecuted.


Leadership Spectrum/Imperatives

  • How effective are you as a supervisor, a manager or even an owner? If not for your own personal development, what is your level of satisfaction toward your supervisory/management group in terms of their leadership capabilities?

Most people really have no idea where they sit in terms of their individual leadership capability. APEX will introduce its "APEX Leadership Spectrum" to participants during this two-hour fun and personally challenging session so that attendees walk away from the program understanding exactly how they measure up as a leader and what they will have to do to become an effective or even better leader.




Employment Standards/Employee Relations Awareness

  • Equip your supervisors and managers with must know information provided in this "Employment Standards/Employee Relations Awareness" training session.

We too often assume that supervisors and managers have developed the skills required to deal with the human capital issues and challenges that arise in the typical workplace. When issues do materialize it is usually too late to avoid the damage that is caused behind matters involving harassment/sexual harassment, discipline, consequence management, employee agreements to mention a few. This two-hour awareness session is a real eye-opener for the majority of those that attend the training. Participants walk away with invaluable information that will guide them in their day-to-day responsibilities; the insight gained will make them stand out as skilled and capable leaders!

Alcohol/Drug Awareness

  • A two-hour must know and highly convincing awareness session that deals with why alcohol and drugs have no place on the job.

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